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Welcome to Breakthrough Fitness MN

It’s an amazing and empowering decision to invest in your health.  Finding a place that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in a community setting is what it's all about.  Let's create a personalized workout plan tailored to your needs and goals. 


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Why Breakthrough Fitness MN?

We believe that everyone has the power to become the strongest version of themselves. Our strength training programs are designed to provide accessible and sustainable exercise that will help you reach your goals in just 45 minute sessions. Our experienced trainers will help you develop techniques that will improve your confidence and quality of life while focusing on the quality of each session. Whether you are looking to recover from an injury, get in shape, build muscle, or increase your endurance, we have the tools to help you succeed.  

Working out with Morgan and Breakthrough Fitness MN

How Can We Help You?

We offer a variety of strength training programs, tailored to each and every client. Whether you are new to fitness or have been working out for years, our experienced trainers are here to help you reach your goals.

Group training at Breakthrough Fitness MN

Complimentary Consult

1 to 1 Personal Training

Small Group Training

All of our new clients start with a free 45-minute session where we will discuss your health and exercise history, as well as your goals.

Our 45-minute, full-body strength training sessions are personalized to the individual client and performed 1on1 with a one of our trainers.

Looking for a full-body strength training session to share with a friend? Our Small Group training sessions are performed in a 1:3 trainer to client ratio.

Cardio+Strength Experience

Virtual Training Sessions

The cardio+strength experience is an add-on for our clients who would like to perform self-guided cardio and strength workouts to increase their results! 

Interested in virtual training because of time or commute? Schedule a  complimentary consult with one of our trainers to see what it's all about! 

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