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Our Solutions

At Breakthrough Fitness MN, we believe that exercise is for all, therefore we offer solutions, not services! 


Since we know everyone is busy, all of our programs start with just 1-2 days of strength training per week that meet you where you are at. The research shows that when it comes to exercise, strength training is going to have the biggest impact in the least amount of time, so we start there. Then we build out your personal program to meet your current health goals!


From there, we can implement additional training and wellness recommendations depending on your health, goals, time, and many more factors! 


Our goal is to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for our clients to reach their highest potential. All of our solutions are offered in person or virtually, depending on what works best for you. 

BreakFit Discovery Session

All of our new clients start with a free 45-minute session where we will discuss your health and exercise history, as well as your goals. All of this is done with our  certified personal trainers and sample a personalized training session.

After the session, you and the trainer will discuss which of our BreakFit Training program is right for you!


BreakFit Signature Experience

Our BreakFit Signature Experience prioritizes a comprehensive strength training program tailored to your unique health history and goals. Beyond enhancing overall strength, we'll collaborate to fine-tune your regimen outside our sessions, ensuring you reach your fitness objectives. 


Our BreakFit Signature Experience is ideal if you're dealing with an injury health condition or have specific fitness targets in mind that demand individualized attention. Utilizing our personalized app, we meticulously monitor your progress and customize your training program to keep you motivated and on track between sessions to achieve your goals! 

Starting at $95 per session when purchasing this package.


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BreakFit Together

Are you desiring a more personalized fitness experience beyond the solitude of the gym or the crowdedness of large group classes? Look no further!

Our certified personal trainers specialize in creating unique workouts each week while still catering to the specific goals of each person in your circle. Our BreakFit Together sessions are capped at three clients per trainer. 

BreakFit Together is the perfect balance of personalized training + community. Whether you crave direction or accountability, our sessions infuse the energy of a group dynamic while ensuring individual attention. Our app provides access to group workouts and additional support, so achieving your fitness goals has never been more accessible. 

BreakFit Together starts at $45 per session when bought in a package.


BreakFit Collective

BreakFit Collective is perfect for individuals seeking guidance and accountability with a hands-off approach. Receive monthly workout plans designed for independent completion at Breakthrough Fitness MN or in the comfort of your own home via the trainerize app.


Join virtual large group classes for live guidance, questions, and tips from our certified personal trainers. Share your progress, questions, and challenges as part of our exclusive community on the app! Subscribers also benefit from a monthly 15-minute check-in with our trainers to refine goals, adjust weights, and address any questions along with unlimited chat access 24/7 through the app. 


BreakFit Collective starts at $95 per month.

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BreakFit Steps

Embarking on a cardiovascular routine can be daunting, but we're here to guide you. Choose from our range of options, each designed to suit your needs: personalized endurance coaching for individual attention, group training for a supportive community, and outdoor meet-ups for a refreshing workout experience.

Follow the program on our Trainerize app to easily complete your goals and see your progress after each workout. Get custom strength, stretch, mobility, and foam rolling routines to prep and recover before or after your activity.


Learn better biomechanics with a 15-minute gait-analysis consultation.


Ready to get started?

Choose from one of our BreakFit Steps Programs:

  • Signature Steps - Personalized Endurance Coaching

  • Breakfit Steps Together - Group Coaching

  • BreakFit Outdoors- Meet-ups

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*All services can be performed in person or virtually and include access to Breakthrough Fitness MN open gym staffed hours for cardio equipment or completing BreakFit Collective workouts on their own.


*All services include access to BreakFit Outdoors

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