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A Special Note From Morgan

I wanted to write a special thank you to both our clients and trainers as well as our referral partners for your contribution to a successful startup in 2023! Starting a business was always a dream of mine and you all have made that happen. 2023 was a year for the record books for me in many ways.

To our clients…

To the clients who’ve been with me for years and to the new clients, thank you! You inspire me daily to be a better trainer AND provide an environment that people want to continue coming to. I’ve been inspired to continue pushing to be better in so many ways. Every single client is more than a client to me and I’d call you my friends. Work isn’t work for me because of this and I can’t imagine ever having “work" feel any other way. Lastly, I’d like to thank my clients who've showed so much patience and understanding during my pregnancy and maternity leave. Having your support during this huge life change has me feeling more grateful than I could ever say or show. I can’t wait to reconnect with you all in the new year!

To my trainers…

I’m so grateful to have two trainers who joined me after my vision was in place and trusted me even though we had so many unknowns. It’s not easy being a part of a startup and both Matt and Chloe have been amazing. They also allowed me the ability to stay home with my daughter and I wouldn't have had the precious time I did without them. Startups come with challenges, one being slow growth. That being said, Chloe has decided to pause her training career while we grow the business a bit more. We hope this isn’t a goodbye but a see you later! Thank you for being a part of something new and we all wish you well moving forward!

To our referral partners…

Thank you for your genuine connections. As a small business, we don’t just connect with anyone or any business. Your authentic business connections and personal relationships with Breakthrough Fitness are one of a kind. We appreciate your support during our startup year and helping us grow during our first year! We wouldn’t be here without you and look forward to our collaborations in the new year!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! Thank you for your support, love, and kind words. 2023 was amazing and I can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring!



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