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Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness - Guest Article

We're excited to feature this month's guest article from Peter Stanley of Revival Physical Therapy:

How we started:

We started Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness in 2019 as a mobile physical therapy practice. Due to the many frustrations and difficulties working in a traditional physical therapy practice we decided to start our own business so we could work with patients how we wanted to and not be dictated by corporate initiatives or insurance companies. In 2021, we set up a brick and mortar location inside of a gym so we can continue to work with an active population, but also encourage people to use the gym and weights as a part of their rehab program. 

How we are different: 

We at Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness will make sure that your time spent receiving physical therapy with us is worthwhile. We don’t just offer you a few stretches or exercises to try out on your own time like other treatments do, and then send you on your way. We collaborate with you at Revival Physical Therapy and Wellness. Helping people achieve their ultimate goal of experiencing hip/shoulder/knee pain alleviation is what drives us.


The members of our physical therapy clinic and rehabilitation center in Minneapolis-St. Paul will develop a specific treatment plan for you and your injury or activity after evaluating your condition and discussing your medical history. That is because we are aware that no two people are the same. The person who is having hip or knee pain discomfort is the only one who has it and may want to get rid of it for different reasons. No situation is “one size fits all.” For you and your issue, our personalized treatment strategies are the ideal choice.


Then, the specialists at our physical therapy clinic in Minneapolis-St. Paul will help you embark on a joint journey to treat your ailments and provide you with the relief/results you have been assiduously seeking.

Check out our website:

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