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Loon State Physical Therapy

This month, we're featuring Loon State Physical Therapy as one of our referral partners! They can help treat low back pain, hip pain, pelvic health and pelvic floor physical therapy, knee pain, and shoulder pain. While they specialize in these areas of recovery, they pride themselves on treating a wide range of items with high levels of success.

Loon State Physical Therapy has built a mission and team surrounding the barrier in bridging the gap from traditional rehab to performance. Performing can mean many things, but to Loon State, that means returning to better than baseline. Their healthcare team stands on the foundational idea of assisting people in moving better and continuing to live optimally. They pride themselves on administering thorough, individualized care to help you meet and exceed your goals while getting out of and staying out of pain. If you want to play with your kids or grandkids without low back pain or get back on the court without worrying about your 'tennis elbow.', they can help! It could be returning to running without worrying about peeing your pants or having pelvic floor pain with squats or lunges. Your goals are Loon State Physical Therapies' priority, and they are on a journey to make a change in our healthcare system to have it personalized to YOUR needs. 

Want more information? Check out their website. 

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